Panel Schedule


Friday March 2nd - General Breakout #1, 1:30-2:30 PM

Thriving in the Midst of Marginalization:  Navigating Graduate School as a Person of Color

This session will discuss the pervasive issues of loneliness and a lack of institutional support that many graduate students of color face while also discussing concrete solutions to address these obstacles.

From Research to Reality: Charting a New Course for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at a Harvard Research Center

Participants in this panel discussion will gain insight on the Center for Education Policy Research (CEPR)'s efforts to use data in service of diversity, equity, and inclusion through research projects, fellowship programs, and grassroots internal efforts.

Revolutionizing the English Classroom with Hip-hop, Rhetoric, and Black Expressions

Hip-hop, Rhetoric, Black Texts and Activities For the Culture.

Re-picturing Native America and White America through photovoice and YPAR: Centering HS Rural Students' Perspectives

Although there is so little known about Native Americans in the United States; the current discourse and research is dominated by White-passing Native scholars who represent a Urban Native experience. Similarly, the way in which white privilege and White America is talked about ignores the lived reality and needs of poor rural communities.

Identity, History/Herstory and Healing: Lessons on Culturally Responsive Teaching Through Some Girls

Our session focuses on our work creating a curriculum for students and teachers that accompanies the documentary film Some Girls.

Youth Session: Combatting Erasure with Radical Imagination: A Spoken Word Poetry Workshop and Makerspace

Join Boston Pulse in exploring how poets of color use concepts of "radical imagination" in their art as a tool of contending with erasure. Inspired by Shawn Ginwright's work in "Hope and Healing in Urban Education," during this workshop there presenters will explicitly define erasure and radical imagination in respect to a variety of POC affinities, starting from Afro-Futurism.

Youth Session: Job Talk: Reimagine Educational Spaces

Collectively we'll create a space to reimagine our learning communities based on what strengths we bring to the table. Remixing the "Job Talk" of academia, we'll come together to deliver a performance showcasing and declaring what we have to offer in reimagining education specifically reimaging educational spaces for students of color.

Friday March 2nd - General Breakout #2, 3:45-4:45 PM

Dream Resource Centers against 45: Analyzing the Critical Interventions of Co-Curricular Programs in Community College

Attendees will learn from and engage in dialogue centering Dream Resource Centers in Community Colleges as spaces of critical resistance against 45's oppressive policies.

(Re)imagining and (Re)claiming Asian American Futures

The Asian American subject has historically been one of resistance, subversion, and protest. However, despite this history of struggle, the dominant narrative has constructed “Asian American” as a monolithic identity of submission, complicity, and model minority. In this session, I challenge the well-worn narratives projected onto the Asian American community and encourage participants to reclaim, reimagine, and reconstruct possibilities for Asian Americanness.

Decolonizing in Museums: Reimagining Education and Inclusivity in Cultural Institutions

We are exploring how museums—which are products of colonization—can actually be spaces of decolonization and healing through our work with art and communities.

“The Talented Tenth: Trials and Triumphs of Recruiting Top College Graduates of Color to become Classroom Teachers and Systems Leaders”

We've demystified the secret code to successfully recruiting top talent of color from PWIs and HBUCs to pursue social justice careers, in an era of steep competition with the private sector. Come learn 8 ways to revolutionize your diversity recruitment efforts. Join a dynamic panel of Teach For America alumni, led by 2 expert Managing Directors of Recruitment who’ve recruited the most corps members of color to Teach For America.

Understanding street violence

In this session we'll explore the scope of the problem of street violence, and how by bridging social capital we can help create better options, better understanding, and start to tackle the narratives that drive us apart and create many of the problems we otherwise seek to solve.

Young Adult Fiction as a Weapon against Internalized Oppression: Increasing Representation through Collective Imagination

Youth and adult participants will reflect on their experiences with representation in literature, discuss systemic oppression through literary (mis)representation, and co-design prototypes for young adult fiction characters and plot elements as a foundation for new literature for youth and adults of color and intersectional identities.

School Reimagined: A plea for the necessity of fusing healthcare and education in every urban school

This presentation examines how many of the current challenges experienced in schools across the nation could be reduced by bringing basic healthcare services onto the school campus. It also demands that all educators recognize physical, mental, and emotional health as a necessary ingredient for student academic achievement, and therefore requires an education system that prioritizes health instruction, and includes access to basic healthcare services.

Youth Session: Photos de Nosotros - presentation/interaction

This presentation will highlight a creative community participatory project called Photos de Nosotros, inspired by JR’s Inside Out project. The goals of this project was to invite members of the Lawrence community in Massachusetts to express themselves by sharing their passion and in turn, inspiring others to discover what they’re passionate about;Photos de Nosotros was intentionally created with the community instead of for the community.

Youth Session: Ethnic Studies in Providence schools- Journey of providence student union

This youth-led workshop will introduce participants to the radical work that Providence Student Union (PSU) has done to bring Ethnic Studies to Providence Public Schools.

Saturday March 3rd - General Breakout #3, 10:45-11:45 AM

For Women Only: Living and Loving

This interactive workshop will allow all who identify as women to affirm their identities, practice self and care and self-preservation techniques and work towards utilizing resources within their communities.

Integrating the RIDES framework for equity and inclusion in Somerville school district

Our panel presentation will be about how a district navigates having conversations about race and equity to support a school that is part of the Harvard RIDES (Reimagining Integration-Diverse and Equitable Schools) initiative. Our discussion will demonstrate how we are approaching difficult conversations about race and equity and being courageous in reimagining a school district where we can have these conversations and feel safe - - ultimately leading to changes in practices.

ListeningWorks: Transforming & Connecting Communities Through Radical Listening

A practical model to heal the wounds in our communities and effectively reach across the isle in the current political climate.

Reimagining Public Predominantly White Institution Mid-Tenure Track Underrepresented Faculty Hiring Narratives

This panel will share findings of a research study examining faculty of color experiences reflecting on their search process at a Predominantly White institutions, and their current understanding of their satisfaction at the institution and community

Navigating the Expectations of our Ancestors' Wildest Dreams

As People of Color; we know that our ancestors have endured enslavement; systematic genocide; rape; erasure; etc.; and that they looked to us; their descendants; to embody the possibilities they could not see in their lifetimes. So; how do we fulfill their dreams and honor their legacies and sacrifices when it requires thriving -- and often; contributing to -- the same systems that were created to oppress them and their descendants?

Serving Undocumented Students in an Era of Urgency

This workshop will provide educators with a better understanding the environmental factors & laws and policies affecting undocumented students as well as best practices and how to provide social and emotional support through group activity and discussion.

Restoring Human Rights and Building a Postcolonial Legacy Through Hip-Hop Artivism and Social Entrepreneurship

The 2017-2018 Nasir Jones Fellows discuss the work of their organizations and social change models.

Affirming Permission and Creative Placekeeping on the South Texas/Mexico Border

In this creative placekeeping workshop nepantlera artist collective, Las Imaginistas, will share work and facilitate a series of exercises using radical imagination as a tool for community healing and development.

Embracing Equity

Embracing Equity is a support program that equips Montessori teachers with the internal capacity to be anti-racist educators; our session will take participants through the racial and ethnic identity development portion of Embracing Equity.

Reconstructing Education

The initiatives of Common Core, No Child Left Behind, and Race to the Top have not benefited many people of color.

Youth Session: Reconstructing The World with Acceptance and Equality

The 'Reconstructing The World with Acceptance and Equality' workshop presents the work of one organization, SPEAK Mentorship, which allows girls who come from immigrant backgrounds to gain confidence, insight, and experiences through the development of relationships

Youth Session: The Voices of The Oppressed: An Unspoken History

The goal of this panel is to show other educators and youth that together they can reimagine the historical narrative that has excluded the voices of marginalized folks in American history. This panel aims to inspire our youth and educators to question the traditional voices and the status quo as they become radicals that can reimagine and reconstruct their past to create a greater America.

Saturday March 3rd - General Breakout #4, 1:15-2:15 pm

Countering Islamophobia in Schools: What Can Educators Do?

By interacting with counter-narratives written by Muslim youth, participants will deconstruct monolithic portrayals Muslims and consider strategies to re-imagine schools as places of belonging for students of all identities.

Indigenizing 'Sense of Belonging'

A workshop that re-presents 'sense of belonging’ and provides recommendations on developing Indigenous youths’ belonging in higher education.

"You're too good to be at a low caliber institution": Functional resistance to educational elitism and why it matters

Internal receptivity and collegiate resistance to activism is felt and responded to by panelists - executive administration, faculty, and students - from a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) community college in Arizona.

Pathways to Creative Industries: Using Fashion as a Lever for Exploration, Spark & Purpose

This panel discussion will explore the role of entertainers and public figures in defining, defying, and dismantling oppressive structures. In addition to speaking to their individual contributions to social justice efforts, panel participants will explore the risks associated with speaking out, as well as expectations from the general public and fellow entertainers on activism & celebrities who identify as people of color. This discussion does not seek to be a highlight reel, but an honest and open dialogue about personal journeys, risks, failures, and struggles faced along the way by individuals who have come to the conclusion that remaining complacent is simply not an option.

Counterstories of Apoyo: Migrant Farmworkers and Educational Engagement

Despite the immense dependency on migrant farm laborer for agricultural production in rural areas in California, the disparities in locally accessible, high-quality education continue to leave the children behind. Through a composite character counter-storytelling, this study seeks to reimagine how these families can be active agents in the schooling process of their children in the face of structural oppression.

Millions In My 20s

Leveraging Hip-Hop for community healing, social & emotional learning, and political and economic MPAC.


Radicalize, Reimagine, and Reconstruct: Perspectives and Experiences of Alumni of Color

Create the opportunity for students and other session attendees to meet and engage with alumni of color; learn about alumni experiences with regard to radicalizing, reimagining, and reconstructing within professional spaces; and receive valuable information about professional choices and career trajectories.

Unabashedly Tackling White Privilege through Curiosity, Humility, and Platinum Empathy

This program will help participants learn to use the tools of Curiosity, Humility, and Platinum Empathy to challenge common forms of White privilege.

Reclaiming Our Time: Black Women As Political Powerhouses

This TED-style presentation redefines what it means to be an ally by illuminating the invisible spectrum of Black women's identity through three lenses: politics, community organizing, and public service.

Youth Session: Youth Lead Community Organizing: Radicalizing Youth for the Purpose of Local Change

This workshop will highlight the ways that systematic barriers affect Latinx, indigenous and youth in low socioeconomic areas. It is based on an ongoing campaign advocating the inclusion of young Latinx voices on policies that affect their safety, education and health (including mental health).

Youth Session: Welcoming Spaces: People of Color and the Queer Movement

In this workshop, students will have voice and be able to talk about Queer issues in the community and develop strategies in which they can become more vocal in the school settings and beyond.

Saturday March 3rd - General Breakout #5, 2:30-3:30 PM

From At-Risk to At-Hope: Youth-Led Strategies to EVAC Tragedy into Change

Teacher Amy Donofrio and the students of the EVAC Movement will present their story and methods of in-school civic collaboration methods for engaging youth voice that empowered them to meet the President and re-write their label from “at-risk youth” to “at-hope youth leaders.”

The #Hashtag Age of Trauma

The #Hashtag Age of Trauma will focus on the intersection of the visualization of trauma through social media and the impacts it can have on mental health.

Double Consciousness: The Intersectionality of Race and Disability

The marginalization and “othering” of someone twice over – once, by race, and twice, by disability, can be an exhausting tight rope to navigate; but by combining aspects of Critical Disability Studies and Critical Race Theory, we have a better view of understanding the intersectionality of challenges and oppression through the theoretical framework of Disability Critical Race Theory (DisCrit).

"Something Inside So Strong": Pathways to Strengths-Based Programming for Justice-Involved Youth

This panel will present one model of strengths-based engagement with justice-involved youth, the CDF Freedom Schools(R), and will explore pathways to and potential impacts of this type of programming both in juvenile justice facilities and in the communities to which these youth return.

The Learning Lab: An Innovation Course that Promotes Black Women’s Self-Agency

In this workshop, we are defining reconstruct as: creating learning spaces that promote the personal aspirations of Black girls and women by making them recognize they have the power, skills, and resources to affect change. The facilitators will walk the audience through tools that are approaches that can be used in the classroom, community organizing and afterschool learning programs that are designed to promote Black girls and women.

Reimagining Integration: Creating diverse and equitable schools that engage students in challenging racism

RIDES has developed a suite of tools and processes to help schools and school districts see systemic and institutional racism and learn to discuss and begin to dismantle it. Our goal is to move beyond desegregation (which gets diverse bodies in the building) to support schools in consciously and pro-actively working to provide the ABCD’s: high academics for all students, a sense of belongingness for all (so no students have to check their culture at the door), commitment to dismantling racism, and an appreciation of diversity in thought and in people.

Reconstructing American Culture

American culture is shifting and must include the voices, values, and practices of immigrants. While this panel only serves as a fraction of the many immigrant voices in America, it is important that we highlight the voices of women of color, women of immigrant background, to begin adding to the broader narrative of what it truly means to be American.

Colorblind Curriculum: Unwrapping Literacy and Numeracy in a Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning Classroom

This session will provide a hands-on approach to reimagining and reconstructing literacy and numeracy within color blind curriculums.

From marginal to comprehensive mattering: Reimagining school contexts for Black boys and young men

By bridging socio-political notions as described in the #BlackLivesMatter social media campaign and its accompanying Black Lives Matter movement with mattering conceptions in socio-developmental literature, I advance a reimagined and then reconstructed notion reflected in the comprehensive mattering of Black boys and young men.

Cards We Are Dealt: Reflections on Power and Privilege in the Teaching Field

Reflecting on his 20-year teaching experience, Dr. Song shares his thoughts on power and privilege as a "model minority" in his work with stigmatized minority and international students.

Youth Session: Confronting Microaggressions in Schools and Youth Advocating for teachers of Color

The objective of this panel is to address the impact that microaggressions have on students and the school culture/environment. This panel will also speak on how the students at Cambridge Latin Rindge High School are advocating for more teachers of color and how they are continuously working with administration to ensure that all students and their cultures are being represented in a diverse school staff.

Saturday March 3rd - General Breakout #6, 3:45-4:45 PM

Looking Back to Look Forward:A Pedagogy for Empowering Communities of Color and Reconstructing the Conversation on Urban School Reform

Reimaging the legacy of Ken Haskins and the community control of schools and reconstructing the conversation on urban school reform.

Bridging Theory and Practice: Using Hip-Hop Pedagogy to Develop Science Geniuses

During this workshop, participants will learn about Hip-Hop Pedagogy, a pedagogical framework for teaching and learning, which authentically and practically incorporates the creative elements of Hip-Hop into teaching. Participants will also engage in the Hip-Hop Based Intervention of the Science Genius Program, a program that uses the framework of Hip-Hop pedagogy to engage urban youth in STEM through lyric writing and performance.

Establishing a Culture of High Expectations Through Love

Learn how to establish High Expectations for children through love rather than fear; empowering and equipping scholars now for the future.

Leveraging Distributive Leadership: A Denver Case Study of Engaging Diverse Perspectives in K-12 School Leadership

Denver Public Schools (DPS) has fundamentally re-imagined how schools work by shifting the leadership structure of 140 campuses within the district to address educational equity; through engagement with case studies presented by DPS teachers and leaders, participants will learn more about how distributive leadership is increasing diversity in building leadership and creating better outcomes for students.

A Romantic Revolution: Designing Courtships and Marriages that Defuse the Family Feud

Join the Davids in an engaging, highly-interactive workshop is designed to explore the role of “love” (i.e. dating, courtship and/or marriage) in the destruction and restoration of the family unit, and to carefully examine how the rediscovery and use of “love” in communities of color impacts the social, political, and economic outcomes for the entire U.S., and ultimately leads to the advancement of marginalized groups.

Young Adult Fiction as a Weapon against Internalized Oppression: Increasing Representation through Collective Imagination

Youth and adult participants will reflect on their experiences with representation in literature, discuss systemic oppression through literary (mis)representation, and co-design prototypes for young adult fiction characters and plot elements as a foundation for new literature for youth and adults of color and intersectional identities.

Reimagining the Public School Pedagogical and Curricular Cannon

This panel discussion invites participants to reimagine the K-12 public school pedagogical and curricular cannon through honoring contemporary nontraditional voices and experiences.

Boston Student Rights App: Technology In the Palm of Our Hands to Dismantle the School-To-Prison Pipeline

Come and learn how Boston students won major overhaul to their code of conduct and what it took to design, launch and disseminate a student rights phone app, the challenges they still face, and the opportunities that lay ahead to reimagine school cultures.